Case Study

Remote IT Management At The "Right Size"

Source: AVG Business

This case study from AVG takes a look at Friendly Computers, an IT support company offering support services to local businesses and residential break/fix services in the Georgetown, Texas area. They manage about 200 computers in 19 companies under service contract. The owner, Bill Schubert, was given the opportunity to be one of the first resellers to try AVG CloudCare™, a time-saving remote management platform made specifically for small to medium sized resellers.

AVG CloudCare is a brand new, “right size” security platform that allows resellers to remotely manage all small business clients from one central portal. The Centralized Management Dashboard and seamless remote deployment services offered through CloudCare provide enterprise-level features and services to Friendly Computers.

CloudCare has transformed Friendly Computers’ services by allowing them to have all clients visible on one screen in real time and having email or SMS text alerts available to alert staff if there is an issue with an end user. These alerts let them address problems before the end user is even aware that they exist. With CloudCare’s features, technicians are experiencing reduced demand and they have a seamless anti-virus renewal and deployment process. The case study notes, “The Content Filtering Service provides additional value for Friendly Computers, saving some clients up to 300% in hardware costs.”

To read more about how CloudCare has worked for Friendly Computers and their complete experience with CloudCare download the case study below.