News | April 22, 2010

Reflexion Networks Announces Total Control Encryption

Reflexion Networks, a leader in providing affordable hosted email security and compliance services to small and mid-size businesses around the world, today announced the availability of Reflexion Total Control Encryption. RTC-Encrypt is a hosted service that ensures the privacy of outgoing email by automatically encrypting its content, including attachments, as controlled by a customer-specific policy.

With the introduction of RTC-Encrypt, Reflexion now offers its customers the "hosted email compliance trifecta" of security, archiving, and encryption. Incoming and outgoing email is scanned to block malware (such as spam, viruses and phishing attacks) and automatically archived in secure, compressed, offsite storage with powerful search and recovery features, and outgoing email is encrypted based on corporate policy. Ad hoc encryption may also be specified by the sender. These broad capabilities help organizations protect sensitive customer information and their own intellectual property, as well as comply with a growing number of state and federal privacy regulations.

"RTC-Encrypt enables us to provide a comprehensive email security solution for our clients," says MJ Shoer, president and Virtual CTO of Jenaly Technology Group. "Email containing Social Security numbers, patient record numbers, or any other sensitive, personally identifiable information can now be automatically encrypted as required by corporate policy and governmental regulations. This is the type of protection that our customers count on us to provide."

Hosted solutions generally eliminate the need to install any hardware at the customer's location. Instead, Reflexion provides the necessary virtual infrastructure "in the cloud," and makes sure that its service is always up-to-date and operational. This model often provides substantial savings, while also leveraging deep technical expertise that some businesses may not have internally. Such advantages are driving the rapid market acceptance of hosted solutions.

Reflexion sells its services exclusively through the global network of information technology solution providers that serve as the "trusted IT advisors" for small and mid-size businesses. Solution providers benefit by having all of Reflexion's solutions integrated with a common management platform, rather than having to manage a separate dashboard for each service.

For more information about Reflexion, please visit or call the company's Boston area headquarters at (781) 569-6666.