Guest Column | March 23, 2017

10 Reasons Why The Managed Services Market Is Flourishing

David Molnar, CEO, Dave's Computers And ASCII Group Member Since 2014

By David Molnar, CEO, Dave's Computers And ASCII Group Member Since 2014

In recent years, the managed services market has exploded to unprecedented proportions. Thanks to a changing security climate and increased focus on convenience and scalability, more people are using managed services today than ever before. Following are the top 10 reasons for this trend.

  1. The Exploding Popularity Of Cloud

While the cloud was once an unknown entity, companies are now adopting cloud solutions en masse. Thanks to benefits such as cost savings, scalability, mobility, and simplicity, enterprises and small businesses across all industries are eager to integrate cloud applications. Since this requires technical know-how, they’re not making the switch by themselves. Instead, these companies and individuals are turning to managed service providers (MSPs). This reliance on MSPs boosts the industry and helps support its upward mobility.

  1. The Increasing Complexity Of IT

While businesses owners know tech is integral to success, the technology industry is fluid and non-linear and people who don’t specialize in it have a hard time keeping up. This is particularly true for small businesses trying to manage many technologies all at once. In 2016,75 percent of IT service providers were planning to add services to their portfolio. This expansion of services represents more options for clients, making it easier for the managed services market to meet consumer needs — even in a changing technological environment.