News | September 15, 2014

RapidFire Tools Launches New ‘Deep Dive' IT Assessment And Documentation Tool

New Network Detective INSPECTOR Discovers And Reveals IT Vulnerabilities From Unauthorized Internal Access, or External Attacks That Breach The Network Firewall.

Rapidfire Tools, the world leader in non-invasive IT assessment tools, announced recently the release of Network Detective INSPECTOR, a new IT Assessment tool that can perform comprehensive internal IT vulnerability assessments, and also produce highly detailed Layer 2/3 network diagrams.

The new offering, available through annual subscriptions, is the first Network Detective module that also comes with a fully configured, ready to use, hardware appliance that plugs into the target network. Once activated, the device performs a non-invasive scan of the entire network – and everything connected to it – seeking out vulnerabilities that might be open to a hacker who manages to get by the network edge protection, or from a malicious internal source.

The vulnerability data collected by this module is securely encrypted and can be remotely accessed by the service provider. It is automatically imported into the Network Detective application’s built-in data analyzer to generate a set of branded, internal IT security reports, which can be used for internal consumption or shared with the client.
Reports generated by the INSPECTOR can be easily combined with reports from other Network Detective modules – including the Network Assessment and Security Assessment modules – to provide the most comprehensive set of IT assessment reports available. A separate HIPAA Compliance module is also available.

“Network Detective INSPECTOR is designed for MSPs and IT service providers who are concerned about IT security and want a higher level of assurance that they are doing everything possible to protect the security of their clients’ IT assets,” said RapidFire Tools President Michael Mittel. “It’s one thing to do an external vulnerabilities test by scanning ports at the network edge and seeing what is open. But it’s quite another to see what is exposed and accessible if an external hacker gets past the firewall – or if someone from the inside gains unauthorized access. That’s what INSPECTOR can discover.”

While there are numerous network scanning tools available to IT professionals, as well as separate tools for producing detailed network diagrams, these tend to be geared for enterprise environments and priced accordingly – often on a per-use or per-device basis. Network Detective INSPECTOR is the only IT assessment tool available that both performs internal vulnerabilities scans and generates high-level Layer 2/3 diagrams in a single device — on an unlimited annual subscription basis. Competing vulnerability assessment tools typically charge on a per-report and per-client basis, which can become cost-prohibitive. With the INSPECTOR tool, even a smaller MSP or service provider can affordably service many clients with a single INSPECTOR subscription, using a single appliance that is periodically transported from client-to-client.

Service providers with larger clients may still elect to purchase separate INSPECTOR subscriptions for each major site, leaving the appliance permanently attached to the network, in order to accommodate centralized, frequent and regularly scheduled scans.

“We believe that MSPs can build a highly profitable managed security service with our tools,” noted Mittel. “Our Network Detective Security Assessment Module, combined with the new INSPECTOR offering, allows these MSPs to offer a comprehensive set of both internal and external vulnerabilities reports, along with a powerful client-facing risk analysis report as a deliverable.”

Network Detective INSPECTOR is now available for license at the website at an annual subscription price of $1,599. Each subscription includes the free and unlimited use of one dedicated scanning appliance that is accessed and managed from inside the Network Detective application.

About Network Detective
Network Detective is the #1 non-invasive IT assessment tool, used by thousands of service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, Network Detective includes a series of IT assessment modules including Network, Security, MS Exchange, and SQL Server assessment modules that acquire a vast amount of network data – including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities – all without installing any software, probes, or agents. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate.

In addition to these offerings, there is also a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance module available, as well as the Network Detective Inspector tool, which comes with a dedicated appliance for performing internal vulnerability scans and generating detailed Layer 2/3 diagrams.

About RapidFire Tools, Inc.
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