News | April 21, 2014

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Launches New HIPAA IT Compliance Tool

Gives IT Professionals An Automated Solution That Generates Documents Necessary To Conduct HIPAA Risk Assessments

RapidFire Tools, Inc., the world-leader in non-invasive IT assessment tools, announced recently the release of a new compliance tool, the Network Detective HIPAA Compliance module.  The solution provides IT professionals with the tools they need to automatically prepare the technical documents associated with the IT security requirements of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

While there are numerous network scanning tools available to IT professionals, as well as some boilerplate self-assessment surveys available on the market, the Network Detective HIPAA Compliance tool is the first product that has been purpose-built for IT professionals to make the HIPAA risk analysis and documentation process easier, more thorough, and more accurate.

The HIPAA Healthcare Privacy Rule protects all identifiable health information of any type in any medium.  All entities covered by its mandates are required to prove that they have taken steps to protect the electronic health information to which they have possession or access. This requirement not only applies to every health and medical organization, but also to the business associates of those organizations- e.g., any business that maintains or utilizes patient information.  This may include billing agents, insurance agents, lawyers and other professionals.

The new Network Detective HIPAA Compliance tool streamlines the compliance process for IT professionals by automatically generating all the primary documents that the covered entities and their business associates are required, by law, to create and maintain in order to comply with the security aspects of the provision, including:

  • The HIPAA Policy and Procedures Document
  • The Evidence of HIPAA Policy Compliance Document
  • The HIPAA Risk Analysis and Management Plan
  • The IT Security Exception Worksheet

These primary reports are automatically generated by Network Detective HIPAA Compliance module, through its proprietary network and computer scanning tools; in addition to supplementary information provided by the user through a set of supplied questionnaires.  Users can edit the reports to include additional information as needed.

The tool also generates the first standardized HIPAA Compliance Risk Score and provides a prioritization of all identified issues, which can be used to form the basis of the HIPAA Management Plan. The main reports are supplemented by a wide range of supporting documents that are automatically generated by the tool, all designed to maximize protection of the user in the event of a government audit.

“The Federal government is cracking down and levying huge fines on organizations that have demonstrated willful neglect when it comes to HIPAA’s requirements,” noted Mike Semel, president of Semel Consulting and one of the nation’s leading authorities on HIPAA. “Data breaches also result in high costs for notifications, identity theft protection, and lawsuits. Even if there’s not been a breach, every organization is required to perform proper due diligence in protecting their electronic patient information, and in having the written documentation to prove it. The Network Detective HIPAA Compliance tool will considerably aid in this process.”

“This is the Holy Grail of tools for any IT professional who works on computers and networks that utilize electronic medical records, whether they work within the walls of the covered entities, or serve them as outsourced IT service providers,” said Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools, Inc. “The risk of NOT performing the necessary audits is huge for any covered entity and its business associates,” he added. “But the opportunity associated with the creation of the compliance documentation is also significant – especially for MSPs and service providers with clients and prospects in the healthcare vertical.”

The Network Detective HIPAA Compliance Module is now available for license at the website at an annual subscription price of $2,999 per year. The tool is accessed through the same interface as the other four Network Detective IT assessment modules, including one each for general Network Assessments, IT Security Assessments, MS Exchange Assessments and SQL Server Assessments. Each of these modules is available individually or through bundled annual subscriptions.

About Network Detective
Network Detective is the #1 non-invasive IT assessment tool, used by thousands of service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, Network Detective is able to acquire a vast amount of network data – including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities – all without installing any software, probes, or agents.  In addition to automatically pulling information quickly from anything attached to the network, data from individual “off line” devices can be captured in minutes, and automatically incorporated into the final reports. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate.

Network Detective now includes four IT assessment modules, as well as a separate HIPAA compliance module, each sold separately through annual subscriptions that allow for an unlimited number of scans on an unlimited number of networks to generate an unlimited number of reports. The Network Assessment Module, Security Assessment Module, Exchange Assessment Module SQL Server Assessment Module and new HIPAA Compliance Module can all be purchased online at

About RapidFire Tools, Inc.
RapidFire Tools, Inc. was founded in June of 2010 by IT entrepreneur Michael Mittel. The company’s mission is to develop and sell innovative and powerful, award-winning IT solutions with clear value propositions that help service providers, resellers, and MSPs uncover new business, expand their practice areas, and run their operations more successfully; and also to support the reporting needs of IT pros working within end-user organizations.

SOURCE: RapidFire Tools, Inc.