News | July 7, 2014

RapidFire Tools Now Offering IT Assessment Reports In Spanish And Canadian French

RapidFire Tools’ New North American Version of Network Detective Makes it Easier for MSPs to Work With Bi-Lingual Clients.

RapidFire Tools Inc., creators of the Network Detective non-invasive IT assessment tools, has launched a campaign to accommodate multi-lingual business for MSP (managed service providers) and IT service providers in North America. As populations become more diverse in some parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico, RapidFire Tools is making it easier for MSPs and IT service providers to break language-based barriers and/or improve communications and the value of their services to clients whose native language is not English.

The new North American version of the Network Detective tools can generate reports in both Canadian French and Spanish, with additional language translation modes in development to support international expansion. The company is also actively seeking distribution partnerships in various countries outside the United States to extend the product line’s penetration into international markets.

As the leading provider of non-invasive IT assessment tools in North America, RapidFire Tools has noticed trends in which many companies leverage languages other than just English. MSPs in Canada, for instance, often work with French-speaking businesses in the province of Quebec. Similarly, there are large populations in the United States where business owners, employees and end-customers utilize Spanish as their primary language. The translated Network Detective reports create an advantage for those MSPs and resellers who are looking to serve customers in their native languages.

RapidFire Tools Now Offering IT Assessment Reports in Spanish and Canadian French
“Our subscribers north of the border have been asking us to produce reports in Canadian French so they can serve clients in Quebec, and those with clients in southern parts of the country with large Hispanic populations have been asking for the reports in Spanish,” said RapidFire Tools Inc. president Michael Mittel. “We’re not only responding to this need of our existing subscribers, but also translating our reports into dozens of other languages in preparation of a large international expansion.”

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About RapidFire Tools Inc.
RapidFire Tools Inc. is the developer of the Network Detective series of assessment tools, including the Network Assessment, Security Assessment, Exchange Assessment, SQL Server Assessment and HIPAA Compliance Assessment modules. The company was founded in June of 2010 by IT entrepreneur Michael Mittel. The company’s mission is to develop and sell innovative and powerful, award-winning IT solutions with clear value propositions that help service providers, resellers, and MSPs uncover new business, expand their practice areas, and run their operations more successfully; and also to support the reporting needs of IT pros working within end-user organizations.

Source: RapidFire Tools Inc.