News | January 15, 2016

Ransomware Prevention Kit Available For Donation To Support Women In IT

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Third Tier has released a new ransomware prevention kit intended to provide solutions providers with information and techniques that you need to build their own solutions for each client you serve. The kit takes the “onion layer” approach, providing about a dozen different ideas for protecting different aspects of your clients’ networks.

The contents of the new ransomware prevention kit include:

  • group policies
  • new WMI filters
  • software restriction policy instructions
  • TOR, Flash, Zip blocking
  • firewall settings
  • PC and user settings
  • securing backup
  • application whitelisting
  • recovery keys
  • deployment script
  • PowerPoint presentation slides
  • blog post listing
  • file server resource manager

The ransomware prevention kit is available for a donation in any amount to Women in IT, a project to support females who want to enter the IT field. Third Tier’s Amy Babinchak and Susan Bradley write, “So we have an opportunity here to turn the negative greed grab that is ransomware and turn it into a fund to pay for certifications for women so they can provide proof to potential employers that they know their stuff and get hired.”

Since its release a few weeks ago, about 200 solutions providers have taken advantage of this opportunity to make use of the kits to protect their clients’ networks.

You can find more information about acquiring the kit at