Quotes from Money 2020 Shared On Twitter

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

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Money 2020 2013, held October 6-10 at the Aria in Las Vegas, brought “together the worldwide community of innovators who are disrupting the way in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money, and explores the macro trends that form the underlying common thread of innovation.” Here is a collection of compelling quotes attendees shared o Twitter from the event.

MobilePaymentsToday: Uncertainty a given, shouldn't stop EMV migration in US: MasterCard's Carolyn Balfany @ #money2020

VeriFone: #money2020 @merurypay: 65% of merchants are considering a POS upgrade in the next few years. 70% cite #mobile as reason.

rakesholbster: Hidden cost of taking cash in a restaurant. Cash: 12 seconds, credit 5 seconds. #money2020 pic.twitter.com/FbtcHpIsUb

VeriFone: #money2020 @paypal Josh Goines 67% of people start shopping on one channel and finish on another #omnichannel

mdudas: "POS system is the OS for merchants and integration point for value added services" ~ Todd Lasher, GM @ShopKeep POS #money2020

davidschropfer: 52% of users who have not used mobile for shopping say they are neutral to ever doing so. @comScore #money2020

VeriFone: #money2020 @worldpay 4 AP factors for #merchants: authorization, tx levels and regulatory, refunds and payment type suitability

ControlScan: #money2020 : Cybercrime Threat will Demand Application of New Defenses http://t.co/ieuS8BXT2Y (via @BankingTechno SpecOpsComm) #payments

Mobilized: 57% of global ecommerce transactions worldwide will be made with alternative payment solutions by 2017. -Floris de Kort #money2020

TSYS_TSS: Of #money2020 attendees, each carries 5.6 credit/debit cards on average and 4.6 mobile and commerce apps according to McKinsey's Rajgopal.

VeriFone: #money2020 Cyriac Roeding of @shopkick - #1 goal of a #mobile app should be to generate foot traffic.

IdentiveGrop: “Even though the payment community might not see the capability, for smartcard makers it is there." http://ow.ly/pBORv  #money2020 #EMV

MobilePaymentsToday: Consumers want shortcuts. Tap and go is easy. Consumers don't go back once they go contactless. MC 's Ed McLaughlin @ #money2020

Jim_Roddy: By 2020, we will have 50 billion connected devices, all with purchasing power. #ericsson exec at #money2020 @retailmag @bsminfo

Jim_Roddy: 54% of consumer purchases take place at local independent merchants. John Berkley, SVP @merurypay #money2020

EricssonMcomm: Deborah Liu, @facebook: 800M use facebook on their phones. 80% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps. #money2020 pic.twitter.com/0SvWil3GBb

SmartCardOrgUSA: #money2020 panel on #EMV “Lack of EMV means U.S. leads the world in card fraud” http://bit.ly/19ztT0V

mccrawf7: New Gartner data shows banks drop from top digital wallet consumers likely to use in future #money2020 #GartnerSYM pic.twitter.com/5RiQ3M4yep