Guest Column | September 13, 2012

Q&A: Earn Recurring Revenue From UPS, Here's How

Ramesh Menon Eaton

By Ramesh Menon, director of global IT channel marketing, Power Quality Division, Eaton Corp.

How should VARs broach the subject of power protection to customers?

The cost of powering and cooling the data center is outpacing the cost of IT resources themselves. High-density equipment pushes power and cooling systems to the maximum. Moves, equipment additions, and changes can put the power infrastructure at risk of overloads, tripped circuits and unplanned shutdowns. As a trusted advisor with an understanding of the power requirements of your customer, and a complete portfolio of power protection solutions to meet their needs, you can demonstrate the capability to nullify these concerns and provide solutions that deliver the most reliable business continuity and disaster recovery, while also building your own business.

Customers are looking for the total turnkey solution and resellers go to great lengths to create the right infrastructure and the right IT environment. Not protecting that infrastructure appropriately is neglecting the opportunity to “insure” the client’s equipment investments and data, as well as, neglecting a possible revenue source for the reseller. Therefore, a complete power protection solution should always be an integral element of any turnkey IT package.