White Paper

Provide A Fast Data Replication Solution For Your Mainframe Environment

Source: SYNNEX Corporation

For many years, in the IBM mainframe world, the only way to backup a volume, a database, or an entire data center was to use a full-volume dump. To create the point-in-time copy that the backup required, all related volumes had to be quiesced during the entire backup. In a world where businesses must continue operations around the clock, something better than full-volume dump technology was needed.

With the advent of volume mirroring, customers only had to pause the application for a few seconds (or minutes), just long enough to split the mirrored volumes from the source volumes to create a backup. The disadvantages of this method are the disk space required (doubling of the original capacity), the amount of I/Os, and the amount of time to resynchronize the mirrored volumes after the backup is finished.

Traditional tools like IBM’s DFSMSdss and Innovation Data Processing’s fast dump restore (FDR) product take a considerable amount of time to backup groups of volumes or a complete data center.

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