White Paper

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server Databases With HP StoreOnce Catalyst

Source: SYNNEX Corporation

In today’s business environment, Microsoft® SQL database administrators (DBAs) rely on the most efficient, high performing, and reliable backup systems. DBAs need to protect increasing levels of data while keeping costs under control. HP StoreOnce appliances provide a disk-based data protection platform while addressing data growth by utilizing data deduplication for efficient backup data retention.

HP StoreOnce appliances provide a unique combination of features, including industry-leading performance (up to 139 TB per hour backup), high availability, and high capacity making HP StoreOnce appliances one of the leading enterprise deduplication systems.

HP StoreOnce Catalyst software technology was developed to dramatically improve the performance, function, and integration of backup applications such as HP Data Protector. HP StoreOnce Catalyst delivers deduplication on an application server, media server, or dedicated HP StoreOnce appliance. HP StoreOnce Catalyst allows better utilization of advanced, disk-based storage solutions while increasing efficiency and performance.

Many SQL databases (DBs) are protected today by backup to HP StoreOnce appliances. HP StoreOnce Catalyst extends the data protection capabilities of HP StoreOnce appliances in SQL environments. It is DBAs responsibility to protect SQL databases.

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