Guest Column | March 20, 2014

Protect Your Customers Against The Dangers Of The Cyber Seas

Dangers Of Piracy

By Laura Stewart, Contributing Writer for Tech Data’s Authority magazine

Attention all ye land lubbers: Thar be pirates approachin’—and thar fixin’ to collect a bounty or they’ll be throwin’ yer data into Davy Jones’s locker.

No one ever expects to become a victim of piracy—especially those that don’t regularly take to the high seas—but don’t let your customers be fooled into thinking that they can ever let down their guard. As long as there is something to lose, there will be criminals trying to take it, and data files are no exception.

Whether on land or sea, wrongdoers are always looking for ways to strike when potential victims least expect it. Often the goal is strictly malicious in nature—to simply do harm to people or their property—as is the case with many forms of malware in the cyber-criminal world. But just as traditional criminals aren’t relegated to one type of unlawful activity, neither are cyber menaces. The goal isn’t always to simply inflict harm. Sometimes it’s to take something that is not rightfully theirs.

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