Case Study

Privatized Zoo Builds 21st Century Technology Infrastructure

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

The Dallas Zoo turns to InLine Network Integration and D-Link to design and deploy a consolidated voice and data network in 60 days


Covering 106 acres, the Dallas Zoo is widely recognized for the new Giants of the Savanna, Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, Jake L. Hamon Gorilla Conservation Research Center, and the newly-renovated Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. The Zoo and Aquarium were managed and operated by the city of Dallas until October 2009. At that time, the city contracted with a newly formed non profit corporation for management. While privatization meant a more entrepreneurial spirit, it also meant that telephone and networking services provided by the city would no longer be available.

The small IT group at the Zoo lacked the resources to design and implement replacement services. For the first time they had full responsibility for staying within a tight IT budget. Thus the Zoo turned to outside companies with phone and network expertise, including InLine Network Integration LLC and D-Link.

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