Case Study

Private NJ School Reduces TCO By Implementing More Effective Printing Solutions

Source: OKI
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The Moriah School is a private day school located in Englewood, NJ. It consists of a lower school and a middle school and serves approximately 900 students from nursery through 8th grade.

The Moriah School determined that it was spending too much money on printing supplies and tasked its Director of Technology, Lisa Fusco, with developing a solution that would decrease the excessive costs of printing.

Fusco examined the school's printing patterns and realized that the school's users were predominantly printing documents consisting of black and white text. This information was helpful in determining the root cause of the issue, which was the retention of multiple color inkjet printers located in various classrooms throughout the school. Color inkjet printers can be a significant—and costly—drain on consumables, especially when they are primarily being used to print monochrome text.