Case Study

Preventing Disasters In Tornado Alley

Source: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

For an MSP in the heart of Tornado Alley, backup and disaster recovery tools are standard equipment.

In Kansas, it’s not “if” a tornado will strike, it’s “when.” From 1950 to 2012, the state averaged 61 tornadoes a year.(1) The past 10-year average is 112, including 180 tornadoes in 2008 and 94 in 2012. In addition, Kansas leads the nation 2 in storm severity, with 14 tornadoes rated F5—the top of the Fujita Scale used for measuring tornado damage.

So it goes without saying that Nex-Tech, with a service area covering more than 9,300 square miles of the Kansas prairie, offers a backup and disaster recovery solution for small businesses. Curtis helped develop the Nex-Tech Total Backup solution to provide business continuity that small and mid-sized businesses could afford and that would be robust enough for Tornado Alley.

Curtis says, In the past, only large enterprises with high availability server clusters could afford this level of data redundancy. We provide backup locally and replicate the backups offsite, at a price point that makes sense for rural Kansas. When you’re in Tornado Alley, your business could disappear overnight.

Nex-Tech Total Backup isn’t a “BDR appliance,” a hardware device with backup and disaster recovery functionality built in. It’s a combination of hardware and software technologies that Curtis and his colleagues put together to meet their customers’ unique requirements.

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