White Paper

Prevent SMB Data Breaches

Source: Bitdefender, LLC

By Loredana Botezatu and Ioana Jelea, e-threats analysis and communications specialists, BitDefender

Today's business environment can hardly be imagined as fully functional without a connection to the Web and indispensable applications such as email, instant messaging, voice over IP, Web sites, and file servers.

Securing this type of communication must be a key concern for all companies, regardless of their size or main activity. Security incidents can occur pretty easily unless a few steps are taken in due time and the employees are properly instructed on the damage they may be causing while poorly handling the sensitive information of the company. Needless to say that when a company becomes the victim of an e-threat, its business partners will suffer as well.

Cybercrime has become a very prolific line of business and its practitioners fuel their high-impact efforts on very strong motivations.

Public recognition – This need drives cybercriminals to exploit the known vulnerabilities of various Content Management Systems (CMS) and to forcefully display their logo or screen name on the defaced web sites. This kind of attack is a moderate threat, which means that the affected Web site/organization would only lose credibility and some working hours in order to restore things to normal.

Money — Hackers will try to gain control over a specific Web site and exploit it for financial advantages.