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Preservation of Digital Knowledge is Focus of New Web Site

A new Web portal, digitalpreservation.org, has been launched to focus on issues related to the preservation and archiving of digital information. Eastman Kodak Company's Commercial Imaging Group and ISIT.com, an online resource for buyers of information technology products, have collaborated to launch the site, which is open to businesses, government, associations and educational institutions for the sharing of case studies, technical and non-technical papers, editorials or other information that provides fact or opinion on the subject.

"As more and more critical information is created digitally, policies are essential to help ensure safekeeping of that 'digital knowledge'," said Andy Lawrence, marketing manager for the Commercial Imaging Group's Imagelink business. "New regulations are allowing both public and private enterprises to take advantage of new technologies that produce electronic records. The importance of managing these electronic records as evidence of transaction, intellectual property or regulatory compliance is a growing concern," he added.

The new site contains a cross-section of information that is intended to help corporate and information technology officers make policy decisions regarding their reference archives. A wide selection of case studies is available that crosses various vertical markets, including federal and state and local government. These studies show how public and private enterprises have been dealing with the need to manage and maintain the integrity of digital records for immediate reference as well as for archiving purposes.

To start conversation and information-sharing, visitors to the site will register and become members. Once registered, members can provide information for the site as well as download it from other sources.

About Eastman Kodak Company and infoimaging

Kodak is the leader in helping people take, share, enhance, preserve, print and enjoy pictures for memories, for information, for entertainment. The company is a major participant in infoimaging - a $385 billion industry composed of devices (digital cameras, scanners, copiers), infrastructure (online networks and specialized imaging software), and services and media (film and paper, online photo storage, CDs). Kodak harnesses its technology, market reach and a host of industry partnerships to provide innovative products and services for customers who need the information-rich content that images contain. The company, with sales last year of $13.2 billion, is organized into four major businesses: Photography, providing consumers, professionals and cinematographers with digital and traditional products and services; Commercial Imaging, offering image capture, output and storage products and services to businesses and government; Components, delivering flat-panel displays, optics and sensors to original equipment manufacturers; and Health, supplying the health-care industry with traditional and digital image capture and output products and services.

Additional information is available at www.kodak.com/go/docimaging.

About ISIT.com / VertMarkets IT Group

ISIT.com is a privately held, profitable dot-com company established in 1996. The company is an online resource center for buyers of information technology products. The company is now known as VertMarketsSM IT Group.

Formerly the SMB division of Verticalnet, VertMarkets was acquired by its current owners on July 1, 2002. VertMarkets' 70 Web portals serve the following markets: communications, energy, environmental/utilities, food service/hospitality, food/packaging, financial services, healthcare, high-tech, industry, IT, manufacturing, public sector, science, and services.

Additional information is available at http://www.Isit.com and http://www.VertMarkets.com