White Paper

WFM Of The Future


Your time clocks might just keep ticking, but the future of WFM hardware is in open architecture, highly configurable, application-driven terminals like Accu-Time’s new Universal Series.

Perhaps you missed this. Back in March 2010, buried at the bottom of the 21st page of a 29-page report from Retail Systems Research, analysts Nikki Baird and Brian Kilcourse predicted the demise of stand-alone time and attendance hardware. Per the research they conducted that spring and published in the report Enterprise Workforce Management: Redefi ning the Boundaries of Customer-Centric Retailing, the writing would soon be on the wall where the time clock once stood:

“One enormous gap between value and use that quickly emerges is around time keeping hardware, where only 11% of respondents ascribe high value to the technology, while 73% report having time clocks implemented. However, with only 7% reporting adoption plans, the future for stand-alone hardware seems small.”

That said, IDC predicts the worldwide human capital management (HCM) program market will hit $11 billion by 2016. All that HCM software has to run on something, right?

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