News | August 6, 2013

Posterita Names Enterprise Retailers Ideal Customer For Its Cloud Retail Point Of Sale Solution

With robust inventory management capabilities and an advanced ERP platform, enterprise retailers can now move their point of sale operations to the cloud with Posterita Point of Sale software

Posterita, Inc., the developer of Posterita Point of Sale software, has declared its cloud point of sale solution ideal for enterprise retailers. Enterprise retailers deal with large store counts and high levels of inventory which creates a complex operational environment. Posterita is built on a flexible ERP platform, providing a highly accessible and mobile point of sale solution. Unlike most complicated and outdated enterprise point of sale software, Posterita has been designed with user friendly features and an easy to navigate, intuitive interface.

Posterita enables management to access all store operations data in real-time from any computer with an Internet connection, an innovation that dramatically improves daily operations and decision-making. The point of sale (POS) also enables complete multi-site management, including multi stores, tax rates, currencies, and languages. The totally integrated retail environment allows unprecedented inventory transparency to improve purchasing and reduce out-of-stock problems. Role-based management features allows limited access to data by employees.

Posterita’s founders, Alexandre and Frederick Tsang, grew up in a retail environment, experiencing first-hand the challenges that retailers must deal with every day. They felt they could develop software that would solve these issues for large scale retailers. They wanted the product to be cloud-based so that retailers could have an affordable way to easily manage their data from multiple locations.

Alexandre Tsang, co-founder and CEO of Posterita says “With our personal history of operating multiple retail locations, we knew we wanted to develop a solution that would fill this gap in the POS market. After researching the cloud POS market, we found that many POS resellers see the current cloud POS solutions that are on the market as unreliable and not mature enough to really handle the demands of a more complex retail environment – like the ability to handle and track large amounts of store inventory across multiple store locations in real-time.”

Alexandre continues by saying, “The ability to have your POS system in the cloud is a revolution for the enterprise retail industry. When a retailer converts to the cloud, they no longer have to deal with cumbersome and expensive software updates. Instead, by being able to access the real-time data that Posterita provides, they gain convenience and control over their operations and are able to make better strategic decisions. This is what Fred and I envisioned for our retail customers.”

Founded in 2005, Posterita, Inc., Ltd, is the developer of Posterita--a revolution in POS.  Posterita’s head office is based in Palo Alto, CA. More information about Posterita can be found at Resellers interested in selling Posterita should visit to learn more.

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SOURCE: Posterita, Inc.