From The Editor | August 2, 2013

Point Of Sale And Payment Processing News From July 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

BSM-cloud card swipe

Each month, Business Solutions collects and sorts through all the relevant channel news so you don't have to. This month in Point of Sale and Payment Processing, companies announce new products, a new VP, and an acquisition.

Star Micronics Introduces New Security Solution For Mobile POS

Star Micronics America announces its DK-AirCash mobile POS accessory, a new solution that enables secure cash payments. Traditionally, cash drawers are controlled manually (key operated) or by a wired connection to a PC or printer. The DK-AirCash connects through the cash drawer’s kick port. This enables upgrading the existing interface from a 24v printer connection to an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection. Wireless, secure control gives your customers the flexibility to configure store layout without wiring or other infrastructure limitations.

CognitiveTPG Hires New VP Of Sales And Marketing

CognitiveTPG, which designs and develops print technology solutions, has added Nigel Ball as its new VP of Sales and Marketing. In his new role, Ball will lead the planning and execution of sales and marketing initiatives while working closely with Kyle Turner, president and CEO. An industry veteran to POS, Ball brings more than 35 years in management of global sales and marketing. Prior to joining CognitiveTPG, he held positions as executive director for DESKO, a manufacturer of passport scanners and readers, and VP of Sales and Marketing for Cherry Electronics, a manufacturer of keyboards and automotive switches. Ball will oversee CognitiveTPG’s sales, product management, marketing, and business development teams.

LightSpeed Adds Cloud POS, Acquires MerchantOS

LightSpeed has launched LightSpeed Cloud, a web-based retail management and point of sale (POS) solution with a fully featured iPad app. It uses HTML5-based interfaces, so retailers can manage sales, inventory, and reporting from their Web browsers and computers of choice. LightSpeed Cloud joins LightSpeed Pro as part of the company’s software suite of store and inventory management solutions for retailers.

LightSpeed also has acquired MerchantOS, a cloud-based retail POS and inventory control company, enhancing its retail software market and expanding its customer base by more than 2,400 locations.

XPIENT Announces New POS Platform

XPIENT Solutions has released XPIENT XPRESS, a  fully integrated POS back-office and cloud-based solution designed for quick service restaurant (QSR) and fast casual restaurant businesses. It is scalable for deployment to the independent market and for some chain operations. Teaming with Pioneer POS, XPIENT has created a bundled software/hardware solution for resellers to distribute in the U.S. The solution is Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) 2.0 validated and includes payment processing, POS with conversational ordering, scheduling, inventory, and cloud-based roll-up reporting and centralized data management capabilities.

BlueStar Offers New Motorola Corded Linear Imager

BlueStar, a distributor of ADC, mobility, POS, RFID, digital signage, and security technology solutions, introduces the Motorola LI2208 corded linear imager. The new LI2208 captures all bar codes — printed and electronic — including codes on mobile phone and tablet displays. The LI2208 scans twice the distance of existing linear models. It has an ingress protection rating of  IP42 to protect it in dusty and damp environments. Users can choose between handheld and presentation mode, and with the optional “Intellistand,” the LI2208 can automatically sense and scan. In addition, Motorola provides end-to-end scanner management with its 123Scan and Scanner Management Services that facilitate staging and auditing the scanner, accessing scanner statistics, and updating firmware.

Lavu Designs POS System For Mobile Food Trucks

Lavu, makers of restaurant POS for iPad, has developed new features and hardware bundles for mobile food truck businesses. POS Lavu is iOS-based for iPad POS terminals or other Apple devices. Wireless access to the cloud database enables multiple mobile and POS terminal devices to remain in sync, keeping track of sales and inventory in real-time. Zephyr Hardware has partnered with Lavu to provide hardware bundles for food truck and  mobile service including Star printers, APG cash drawers, cables, routers, iPad enclosures, and card swipers. The bundles also include 3G/4G cellular modems and routers, which allow for cloud data access. With special routers and other networking pieces and reliable Internet connections, the Lavu food truck iPad POS can operate the Lavu system. Mobile food  truck businesses can accept cash, credit card, coupons, and loyalty promotions. The system can create email lists and provides option for paper or electronic receipts. New features include the “86” (no longer available) menu item countdown and passbook coupon and payment integration.

Posiflex Adds New POS Touch Screen Terminals

Posiflex’s new XT line of point of sale (POS) touch screen terminals are designed for retail and hospitality applications. They are designed to take no more counter space than standard receipt printers, and have 10-inch touchscreens. They include Wi-Fi, enabling the terminal to serve as a POS, digital signage, or a kiosk controller. The terminals include a 3-inch printer with options to include a magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, and fingerprint sensor. The XT line comes with a choice of two foldable bases — the larger of which integrates a battery backup, 12V- or 24V-powered USB, and a pullā€out hard drive.