News Feature | January 14, 2014

Point Of Sale And Payment Processing News From December 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

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Each month, Business Solutions reports news on business in the channel. This month in Point of Sale and Payment Processing news, Lavu iPad POS introduces pizza ordering tools, StrandVision enhances its digital signage service, Seiko launches a new receipt printer, Harbortouch  adds new functionality, CUSTOM presents a tablet POS solution, APG Cash Drawer adds the Stratis Tablet Holder, and iTesso teams with Merchant Link.

Lavu iPad POS Introduces Pizza-Ordering Tools

Restaurant point of sale system Lavu iPad POS has released a new product for pizzerias and similar businesses. The new Pizza Creator module features a graphical interface that facilitates customization of pizza orders, including split topping capabilities — displaying the image of the pizza with toppings as they are added. It also allows managers to set other customizable modifiers, such as pizza size, crust type, and sauce type. The Customer Management module supplies the order taker with customer information during the ordering process to create new customer profiles or allows access to existing customer profiles by searching for basic information, such as name or phone number. The database is stored on Lavu's cloud servers, allowing managers to access this data across multiple locations.

StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances Service

StrandVision Digital Signage has added enhancements to the StrandVision service that allows subscribers to submit backgrounds to create a consistent look across their digital signage networks. StrandVision includes standard background templates with the updates that are automatically sized to the proper aspect ratio to fit the screen attached to the digital media player. Administrators can change fonts, styles, colors, and live clock viewing settings to fit their design needs. In addition, StrandVision now offers its customers the option of submitting their own custom background templates. StrandVision can convert PowerPoint, graphic, desktop publishing, or animated flash files to the format used by StrandVision. Once installed to a customer’s account, the additional templates become available through a simple dropdown menu. StrandVision has also enhanced its “digital signage test drive,” which enables anonymous visitors to create their own custom electronic signage.

Seiko Instruments Announces New Receipt Printer

Seiko Instruments’ Thermal Printer Division recently announced an addition to its Qaliber receipt printer line. The new lite model, RP-D10, has a cube design that decreases its footprint, and it supports both front- and top-access control. It prints at speeds of almost 8 inches per second and has service life ratings of a minimum of 62 miles of printing and more than 1.5 million cuts. The printer is available with USB, serial, powered USB, or Ethernet interfaces.

Harbortouch Adds New Functionality

Harbortouch is launching new features and functionality to its POS systems this year. Lighthouse 2.0 is an upgrade of Harbortouch’s current cloud-based offering.  The company will also introduce online ordering functionality that will enable restaurants to accept orders through their websites and route them directly through the POS system. Harbortouch is also introducing a proprietary iPad app that will allow restaurant servers to enter orders at the table for improved efficiency and will continue to add support for emerging payment technologies such as EMV and NFC (near field communication).

CUSTOM Presents Tablet POS Solution

CUSTOM now offers the TABLET ECR point of sale solution. It features a docking station for tablets, a receipt printer, and a customer display. It includes an embedded Wi-Fi module, and a magnetic card reader is optional. The solution supports both iPads and Android tablets — including CUSTOM’s T ONE Android tablet with CuDroid software for retail and hospitality applications.

APG Cash Drawer Offers Stratis Tablet Holder

APG Cash Drawer announces the release of the Stratis Tablet Holder. Resellers can integrate the tablet holder as part of mobile or tablet point of sale solutions. The Stratis is designed to give the cashier a firm base to work from while processing a transaction. It can be mounted on a counter top or to a cash drawer. If the customer’s signature is necessary, the tablet can flip or slide over to face the customer. Magnetic feet keep the tablet holder firmly in place on a cash drawer.

iTesso Teams With Merchant Link

iTesso, a provider of cloud-native hospitality technology, announces a new interface between the iTesso Enterprise Lodging System and Merchant Link, a payment gateway and data security solutions provider. By teaming with Merchant Link, the iTesso solution is equipped to meet the requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. With the new interface, Merchant Link’s secure Payment Gateway, TransactionVault, and TransactionShield products deliver point-to-point encryption and tokenization. The token is then sent to iTesso, where it is saved on the reservation. As a result, hotels using the iTesso Enterprise Lodging System never see credit card data in their user interface or database.