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Plan Your Next Lunch And Learn

Source: CharTec
Planning Lunch And Learn

Technology companies have something that not everybody has, technology know-how. We’ve got the scoop. We know our stuff. Why not use that knowledge to get people interested in your company. Start a Lunch and Learn! Lunch and Learns are a great opportunity to show the residential and business community that not only are you a technology company, but you can put your money where your mouth is. You can help others find their way through the scary technology forest full of man-eating operating systems, social media sorcery and Office goblins. Oh My!

Step 1: Branding (3 months before)

Go ahead, call it a Lunch and Learn, that’s a great name. The problem is, everyone else might call theirs a lunch and learn so you’ll just blend into the crowd. If you brand it to your company, you’ll stand out and be recognizable as a service. Come up with something catchy, something fun and all your own. We call ours Tech Bites….Technology, one byte at a time. Ties in the technology and it also hints at food!

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