White Paper

Pixels Per Dollar (Pp$): Rethinking The ROI Of Surveillance Cameras

Source: Arecont Vision

Understanding the Superior Value of Megapixel Cameras

Megapixel cameras provide superior performance and imaging capabilities versus legacy analog technology and standard-definition IP cameras. Megapixel cameras are also field-proven to deliver the most cost-effective video surveillance solutions. To understand the real value of megapixel cameras, it’s important to evaluate the total system cost, not simply the price of a single camera.

Analog and standard definition IP cameras may be priced less than megapixel cameras on a percamera basis, but they deliver significantly less value when total system costs are evaluated. Compared to the efficiencies of megapixel cameras, analog and standard IP cameras do not provide a comparable return on investment (ROI). This white paper will analyze the additional value of megapixel cameras through a quantifiable measure of that value: pixels per dollar (Pp$).

Purchasing Results, Not Cameras

When end-user customers buy cameras, what they want is the ability to view video that costeffectively achieves the goals of an application. They need video that can deliver facial recognition and license plate identification, captures numbers from shipping crates and shows activity in retail stores, bank branches, company or government facilities or at borders, airports or ports and more. They are purchasing the capabilities and functionality the cameras can provide to solve a specific problem.

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