Guest Column | June 12, 2014

4 PIAM Trends To Watch In Healthcare

PIAM Trends In Healthcare

By Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure

It is an important objective of hospitals to provide a caring and comfortable environment where patients and their families can focus on the healing and recovery process without having to worry about their physical safety. This often poses a dilemma as hospitals work to balance the need to be welcoming and open with the need for strong security. Fortunately, it is possible to balance these two somewhat counterintuitive goals by managing the access permissions of individuals present at any given time in the facility or campus using physical identity and access management (PIAM) software.

It is for this reason that the use of PIAM in healthcare settings is on the rise. As the software continues to gain traction, keep an eye on these four trends, which represent some of the most useful and widely used PIAM solution applications in healthcare.


PIAM solutions unify identity management with physical access control and other diverse security systems, integrating these into a single platform for more streamlined security management. With a single point of control, errors are less likely and information management can be more precise. As a completely automated system that connects existing systems and automates key processes and workflows, PIAM allows hospitals to optimize their security operations cost-effectively while continuing to provide the caring and comfortable environment that is beneficial to patient health.

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