News | July 23, 2015

Pertino Extends Its Software-Defined WAN Service To Branches, Datacenters And IoT

First-mover in SD-WAN Delivers Overlay Gateway to Address Growing Demand for Secure, Agile and Scalable Branch, Datacenter and Industrial IoT Connectivity

Pertino, a company reinventing wide-area networking for the cloud era, recently announced new capabilities for its Cloud Networking Engine platform that make it easier for customers to deploy cloud-based and software-defined wide-area networks (WANs) for branch and datacenter and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) use cases. Pertino Gateway is a virtual gateway designed to connect any IP-enabled device or virtual instance to Pertino virtual overlay networks. The company also introduced a new traffic steering technology called Pertino SmartZones that allows admins to control how network traffic is routed between local and overlay networks.

The forces of cloud, mobile, SaaS and connected devices within the enterprise are transforming wide-area network (WAN) requirements and giving rise to a new software-defined WAN. This new paradigm, referred to as SD-WAN, leverages SDN, virtualization and automation technologies to increase business agility, enable service provider independence and reduce operational costs. With the addition of Pertino Gateway, Pertino’s Cloud Network Engine service can now deliver on the SD-WAN value proposition for a broader range of enterprise VPN use cases, including:

  • Branch networks, especially those with workers who are in and out of the building
  • Elastic termination of VPN connections within datacenters
  • Large-scale hybrid and public cloud VPC (virtual private cloud) networks
  • Large-scale managed devices—e.g. remote management of office equipment
  • Industrial IoT—e.g. machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-cloud (M2C)

Magic Memories partners with more than 100 major tourism attractions around the world, like theme parks and sports venues, to offer unique photographic memories of tourism experiences. They are deploying a Pertino Gateway solution—using a variety of form factors—at remote locations within major attractions to connect cameras, printers and other infrastructure to their private and public clouds.

“The Pertino Gateway allows Magic Memories to link disparate pieces of infrastructure, from printers to cameras, into a secure overlay network. This enables us to be at the forefront of new technology and innovative solutions for our attraction partners and their guests,” said Nick Baylis, chief marketing officer at Magic Memories.

Pertino Gateway for Virtual Overlay Networks
As part of its Cloud Network Engine platform, the Pertino Gateway is a software-based virtual appliance that allows any IP-enabled device behind it to be connect to a Pertino virtual overlay network. This includes servers, virtual machines, printers, cameras, network-attached storage or any device not supported by Pertino’s client software implementation. The Pertino Gateway is configured and managed from the cloud using Pertino’s Web console, and runs on any Linux server, virtual machine or Docker container, any size device from multi-core server to an Intel Edison IoT device, and any private or public cloud.

The Pertino Gateway acts as a virtual tunnel endpoint (VTEP) that handles addressing, routing and access control between physical and overlay networks. From a security perspective, the whitelisting feature that lets network admins precisely control what resources are accessible to and from the Pertino overlay network. For larger datacenter deployments, multiple Pertino Gateways can be used to provide cost-effective scale-out and high-availability configurations.

Pertino Gateway is part of the Cloud Network Engine service and is available now as part of the Enterprise plan with annual subscriptions starting at $5,999 US, which includes 100 devices.

Pertino SmartZones—Policy-based Traffic Steering
This new feature implements policy-based traffic steering functions that control when traffic is routed across the Pertino virtual overlay network for mobile workers that are frequently in and out the office. Using SmartZones, a network administrator can precisely control when traffic from a Pertino-enabled device routes across the local LAN or flows across the Pertino network to reach a target resource, such as a server. For example, if a remote salesperson is spending a day in the office and is accessing a server that’s within the campus network. SmartZones ensures that local traffic stays local while remote resources on the Pertino network, such as a public cloud server, continue to be accessible. This smart routing happens automatically without the user involvement.

Pertino SmartZones is available now as a feature within Business and Enterprise plans.

“With our new Pertino Gateway and SmartZones features, Pertino offers enterprises a modern cloud-based SD-WAN service that addresses a broad set of VPN use cases spanning mobile, branch, hybrid cloud, managed devices and IoT,” said Bharath Rangarajan, vice president of product at Pertino. “We have customers today that are realizing the disruptive benefits of SD-WAN and saving 6-10x the capital and operational costs of MPLS and traditional hardware VPNs.”

About Pertino
Pertino is a new way to WAN for the mobile and cloud era—secure, software-defined and delivered as a service. Mobile and cloud technologies are transforming IT, resulting in a hybrid IT model where distributed workforces and workloads are reliant on the Internet. Our Cloud Network Engine platform enables enterprises to build and manage private cloud networks that overlay the public Internet, securely connecting people, devices and resources anywhere. With AppScape, our network services app store, Pertino cloud networks can be extended with enterprise-level visibility, security and control services. This modern approach to networking combines the power and pervasiveness of the cloud with SDN and virtualization technologies to eliminate cost and complexity. Finally, a WAN that is cloud-agile and works the way organizations work today, without hardware, hassles, or high costs. Founded in 2011, Pertino is venture funded by premier firms and headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif. For more information, visit

About Magic Memories
Magic Memories was founded in Queenstown, New Zealand, in 1995. It partners with more than 100 major tourism attractions around the world to offer unique photographic memories of tourism experiences. Its aim is to make guests smile when they arrive, again when they leave and then every time they share or look back at their memory of the attraction that Magic Memories has created for them. By doing so the company delivers higher yields and more revenue than any of their competitors, at no cost to their partners.

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