Article | May 2, 2013

Perfect Pixel Count: Meeting Your Operational Requirements

Source: Axis Communications

This step-by-step guide helps you select the best cameras for your operational requirements and surveillance scenarios.

Lack of industry standards and the complexity of the matter cause many integrators to lose sight of a key prerequisite in any installation: the operational requirements or the true purpose of the surveillance.

In this guide, we present the Pixel Density Model – a method that allows you to relate the operational requirements of your system to modern surveillance video and IP cameras.

1. Moving into IP

Selecting the appropriate surveillance camera to fulfill operational requirements has always been a challenge.

With the introduction of IP cameras, and especially through the development of megapixel and HDTV cameras, the need has emerged for a new way to determine how to meet operational requirements. In these six steps, we describe a model to relate operational requirements to modern video and IP cameras.

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