News | May 15, 2013

Pensmore Software Releases New Mercury-Choice For Quickbooks

Pensmore Software announces release of new “Mercury-­Choice for QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS” solution, which offers a fully customized payment integration that will provide bidirectional integration of Credit Card Payments and associated data within QuickBooks POS as well as QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise Solutions Products.

It is a fact that 82% of small businesses use QuickBooks Financial Management Software for their bookkeeping and accounting needs. In an effort to support the Mercury dealer and their merchant community, Pensmore found it important to provide a tool for this community of users to save time and money to streamline the payment process within the QuickBooks & QuickBooks POS product lines.

QuickBooks Accounting Users can now process all credit card and gift card transactions through Mercury’s system to reduce time, errors, and the cost associated with manual entry by a bookkeeper or employee. Further more enhancements to  automatic recurring billing, 100%  free gift card integration (supported by Mercury Gift) and the ability to send invoices to customers with integrated payment links (Mercury-­Choice Billing Solutions) are intended to add great value to retailers and businesses that use QuickBooks to manage their business.

The new automatic recurring billing feature also empowers professional services companies using QuickBooks Financial Management Software with an ability to automate the entire invoice creation to payment completion process.

Retailers using QuickBooks POS can eliminate their stand-­‐alone terminal and accept payments directly into their QuickBooks POS system using Mercury Payment Systems as their credit card processor. Merchants will enjoy the benefits of direct integration and competitive rates with a fully integrated solution to QuickBooks POS.

Pensmore chose Mercury as their partner due to their world-­class support to all merchants and dealers who sign up for this solution.

Value Propositions of this solution include:

  • Competitive processing rates for merchants
  • 24/7/365 domestic customer service (based in Colorado)
  • 100% free gift card program (supported by Mercury Gift)
  • Automatic  recurring  billing  (supported  in  QuickBooks  Pro,  Premier  & Enterprise Solutions).
  • Ability to manage the entire gift card program natively within QuickBooks & QuickBooks POS (features include purchase, void, reloading and balance inquiry of gift cards).
  • PCI / PA-­‐DSS compliant solution within increased security

The above is just a short list of key features and values of this new integration. Jeff White, Founder of Pensmore, recently stated that, “Pensmore’s focus is to provide a superior experience and a choice to QuickBooks users with whom they can process payments with. The days of the Intuit monopoly are over! Pensmore will continue to provide users a phenomenal solution and a payments integration choice to the QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS community.”

About Pensmore
Pensmore Software was founded in October 2011. During the years leading up to launch, its founder ran a CRM company that provided SaaS and On Premise solutions to the QuickBooks user base. As the business grew, they looked for tools to help them scale while also reducing costs. A key area in which they could do  this  was  merchant  processing.  Within  the  market, there was only one integrated solution with QuickBooks & QuickBooks Point of Sales, Intuit's own Merchant Services. So Pensmore decided to invest it’s own time, energy and money into creating an integration truly designed with the QuickBooks user and merchant in mind. Pensmore then decided to partner with Mercury Payment Systems as they provided far superior service and focused on a "dealer centric" model that ensured the customer was well supported. With the formal rollout in January of this year, Pensmore has seen the solution immediately embraced by other small businesses and dealers alike. Looking for a simpler and better way to work, these businesses found that Pensmore was a system that worked for them, not the other way around. Today, Pensmore continues to grow exponentially and continues to bring the best QuickBooks focused merchant integrations to market. Pensmore Software is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and has locations  in Tampa, FL. Each day we come together to listen to its’ customers & dealers, solve problems and continue to improve its’ products.

SOURCE: Pensmore Software