Peer-To-Peer: What VARS and MSPs Need To Know About Managed Print

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Business Solutions magazine featured managed services provider Real Time Consultants (RTC) in the article “How Selling Managed Print Services Protects Your Business.” Bob Larsen, director of managed print services at RTC, offers some advice to VARs and MSPs who are considering adding the services to their portfolios.

BSM: Why should VARs and MSPs get into managed print?

Larsen: RTC got into managed print services three years ago when we noticed that large copier dealers were offering printer services that were much more attractive than what we offered. We thought those copier dealers might win over our customers.

BSM: What risks do services providers run by not getting into managed print?

Larsen: Not selling MPS leaves VARs and MSPs vulnerable to competitors who are willing to sell it because many customers prefer to work with fewer vendors when possible.

BSM: What do VARs and MSPs who are considering managed print need to know?

Larsen: Most remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools MSPs use to monitor their customers’ servers and workstations are not compatible with printers and copiers. This requires MSPs to invest in a separate tool for managed print. Most major printer and copier vendors have tools that monitor not only their products but also competitors’ products, because it is common practice in many offices to use a mix of brands.

BSM: Who is better positioned for an easier transition to MPS — ECM VARs or MSPs? Why?

Larsen: MSPs have an advantage over VARs when it comes to selling MPS because they are already familiar with selling subscription-based services. In addition, they are already set up to monitor their client’s assets remotely and to respond as needed.