Peer-to-Peer: Retailers Won't Trade Transaction Speed For Cloud

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Business Solutions interviewed Randy Roe, owner of Retail Technology Services, for the article “Win Over Retailers With A Cloud-Based POS Solution.” He also offered a key piece of advice for selecting a cloud-based POS solution. “Having the lowest cost or a lot of bells and whistles will never overcome reliability,” says Roe, a VAR-turned-MSP with more than 25 years of experiencing selling retail POS. “I cannot think of one retailer who would consider it acceptable if he or she could not ring up a customer because the cloud was slow or not accessible.”  

He said some of the highest-rated cloud POS packages operate at the mercy of the cloud. He said POS solutions are available in which the transaction completely occurs at the workstation, with or without cloud connectivity.  If the cloud becomes unavailable, the system waits to synchronize its sales when a connection is made again. 

Because of the off-line capabilities, says Roe, “Your terminal will certainly never slow down.”  He says questionable reliability is the biggest concern with most cloud POS offerings that leaves retailers saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.”