Peer-To-Peer: Don't Leave Money On The Table

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

BSM-Falling Money3

Business Solutions magazine interviewed David Roy, executive VP and cofounder of Texas Barcode Systems, for the article “Don’t Pass Up Additional Printer Business.”  The article points out that selling commodities like bar code printers can be more lucrative with the addition of supplying consumables and servicing and supporting printers. When asked if he thought VARs are leaving money on the table, Roy’s answer was a resounding, “Yes.”

He says VARs often look only at the immediate need, thereby missing  other opportunities throughout the customer’s organization. “It is very important to assess the customer’s needs as a whole in order to be able to head off potential problems and better serve that customer.”

Roy suggests when you get a call for consumables like ribbons and labels, you need to go on site and see what other applications might require similar products. “Maybe they want to use those labels in receiving, but if you walk into the facility, you can see where else they are using bar codes — shipping, inventory control, or asset tracking.”

He adds that you should also look for additional needs. “If they are using labels, they are also going to scan them. Look at the scanner opportunity — or at least the possibility of handling repairs or hardware replacement. One thing leads to another,” Roy says.