PCI Compliance: Security For Your Merchants, Business Opportunity For You

Source: EVO Payments
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

PCI Compliance

In this exclusive interview, Tamara Worden, senior director of card brand compliance for Sterling Payment Technology discusses Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards compliance, why it is an essential component in safely installing and maintaining the security of a merchant’s card data environment, and how working to ensure your clients’ compliance can differentiate you among your competitors.

BSM: When it comes to PCI compliance, would you describe the role that VARs play as educator or technician? Why?

Worden: VARS have a unique opportunity to serve as both educators and technicians. They have the ability to greatly impact how the card data environment is installed and what merchants know and understand about their environment. It is their level of expertise that merchants depend on to accept card transactions securely and smoothly.

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