Article | November 22, 2023

Paysafe Research: How Online Merchants Can Grow Sales Ahead Of Holiday Season

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With the holiday season around the corner, and consumers indicating they are changing their shopping habits, this is a critical time for merchants to reevaluate their checkout experience, as 64% of US consumers would abandon a purchase if faced with checkout complications, according to new research from Paysafe (NYSE: PSFE).

The leading payments platform found that offering a broader range of payment options is vital today both to large and small online businesses. Despite the continued popularity of traditional payment methods such as debit cards (63%) and credit cards (53%) for holiday shopping, the results showed a noticeable shift toward alternative payment methods (APMs). For instance, 48% of US consumers favor digital wallets when shopping online during the holiday season, 40% regularly use bank transfers and 29% are embracing online cash payment solutions, also known as eCash. Globally, these numbers rose to 41% for bank transfers and 25% for eCash payments.

The research surveyed 14,500 consumers across Europe, North America and Latin America – 2,003 of which were from the US – for Paysafe’s Lost in Transaction 2023: The Disposable Income Report - How consumers are changing their discretionary spending.

The study also found that the increased cost of living will markedly change shopping habits this holiday season, with 78% of US consumers planning to adjust their spending. With budgets for the majority tight, 32% plan to spend less on gifts, 21% less on food and drink, and 19% will spend less on socializing and entertaining during the festive season.

While 22% of US consumers indicated they planned to take advantage of seasonal deals to help manage their budget, 21% said they had prepared for the heightened costs of the holiday season by saving earlier in the year.

Commenting on the research, Rob Gatto, Chief Revenue Officer at Paysafe, said: “There is more competition than ever between retailers to ensure they are the final shopping destination for consumers. Merchants who offer multiple payment methods and a seamless payment experience will create differentiation, cater to new audiences and increase conversion rates.”

About the research

The research*, which was conducted on behalf of Paysafe by Sapio Research in October 2023 and covers the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador, and explored changing consumer spending behaviours and attitudes towards payments.

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