Article | September 17, 2019

Pay-at-the-Table Solves Common Restaurant Industry Issues

Source: EVO Payments
Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs

With payment experiences changing in the United States, a growing number of restaurants across the country are starting to grab hold of the latest tableside ordering technology called Pay-at-the-Table (PATT). These options allow them to better meet customer demand for ease of payments while also streamlining their processes and making their operations run more efficiently.

According to an Oracle Food and Beverage research report, What Matters Most to Restaurant Guests, “84% of 15,000 consumers in 14 countries surveyed identified quick and efficient service as a top factor, followed by order accuracy at 83%, and enough staff to provide good service at 82%.”

Pay-at-the-Table brings the point-of-sale to the customer, which in turn helps boost revenue and increase table turn rates. Another big selling point is that it helps protect customers’ sensitive cardholder data, which has remained a major concern for merchants and customers alike. With increased security comes a reduction in chargebacks, alleviating the liability burden placed on business owners who are not EMV compliant. 

As a reseller and trusted advisor, here is why you should tell your merchants in the restaurant and hospitality industry to turn to Pay-at-the-Table.