Guest Column | October 15, 2010

Paperless Processing And Document Retention; How To Ensure What You Don't See Doesn't Hurt You

It's easy to ignore invisible challenges. We do it daily: too much sun, pesticide-ridden produce, pharmaceuticals in our water supply, and similar troubles erode our well being. Typically we ignore concealed challenges until physical manifestations demand our attention. Fortunately, the media has made us risk-aware so we can prepare. In business, it's harder: although invisible challenges can seriously jeopardize organizational health, unless your business faces litigation, dangers tend to develop and fester unseen.

A recent Symantec survey of IT and legal executives revealed significant disparity between enterprise information goals and practices: 87% of respondents believe a proper implementation strategy should let them delete temporary information, whereas only 46% have a formal retention plan. Participants also revealed 25% of retained data isn't needed for business reasons and shouldn't actually be kept.