Case Study

Case Study: Palisade Protects Bingham Memorial Hospital Against Data Loss

Bingham Memorial Hospital, a rural healthcare provider in Blackfoot, Idaho, needed a simple solution for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The hospital turned to PacketSure™ from Palisade Systems. The PacketSure™ solution just does the job without hassles.

Bingham needed to monitor outgoing e-mail to keep sensitive patient data from being sent out of the hospital network and help achieve compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), said Tyler Lassen, Network Engineer at Bingham Memorial. "There was no way for us to track or stop sensitive information from being e-mailed out of our network," Lassen said. Bingham's solution: PacketSure™, from Palisade Systems, a rack-mounted appliance that installs in under 45 minutes and runs automatically. It scans e-mail and other outgoing network traffic to find and secure confidential data, including private patient information, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers.