Case Study

Case Study: PAETEC Personalizes A Solution For Cellution

Founded in 2001 as Total Wireless Now, Cellution is headquartered in downtown Rochester, New York, and is the industry's leading wireless telecom expense management provider. Cellution partners with corporations internationally to provide total wireless management solutions.

From billing and contract negotiation,to procurement and personalized reports, the wireless watchdogs at Cellution advocate for their clients regardless of carrier. Cellution's comprehensive and fully-customizable software allows their clients to dig deep into their bills by monitoring and capturing wireless details that cause overages, erroneous charges, and spikes in usage.

As a member of the telecommunications industry, Cellution is particularly concerned with having top tier telecommunications services – especially since their operations depend on it. "We run a call center here at Cellution," said Chuck Serapilio, president of business development for Cellution. "Not having the capability and functionality that we need to run our call center and our phone system can cause a lot of issues."