News | June 20, 2013

OnSSI Ocularis Users Will Never Get Left Behind With New CURRENT Upgrade Program

CURRENT Makes It Easy and Cost-Effective to Keep Ocularis Up to Date

Keeping OnSSI’s popular Ocularis VMS software up to date is now easier and more cost-effective with CURRENT. Formerly known as the Software Upgrade Program (SUP), OnSSI’s new CURRENT upgrade program is designed to keep Ocularis updated with the latest features and functionality available at a fraction of the cost of trading-in the software. With CURRENT, Ocularis users can download updates as soon as they are released and take immediate advantage of new features and functionality to further enhance their video and information management operations.

CURRENT users will have access to all Device Pack upgrades, providing improved compatibility with existing cameras and new models. Each new release also includes expanded integration capabilities with a growing list of software and hardware systems by OnSSI’s technology partners. CURRENT is available in one, two, three, four and five year plans, and includes a 100% trade-in credit towards migrating to a new Ocularis feature set. In addition, Flexible CURRENT can be purchased in one-day increments, to match the renewal date with your budget calendar or fiscal year’s end.

Existing Ocularis customers without a previous upgrade subscription plan (or customers whose plan has expired) can take advantage of OnSSI’s “GetCURRENT” upgrade package which includes the latest release with free updates for three years. Ocularis customers who sign up for the GetCURRENT plan are also eligible for a full trade-in credit when migrating to a new Ocularis feature set.

“Since the introduction of Ocularis, OnSSI has released one to two new versions of our software and new applications every year. The recent introduction of our Ocularis Mobile application with High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) Technology is an excellent example as it sets a new benchmark in mobile video performance,” said Ken LaMarca, Vice President of Marketing, OnSSI. “With our new CURRENT program, we ensure that Ocularis users will never be left behind by providing them with a cost-efficient and easy way to upgrade performance and functionality. With the CURRENT program, users will always have the latest technology from OnSSI at their fingertips.” For more information, visit

About OnSSI
OnSSI offers breakthrough VMS technology that’s made in the USA and field proven at thousands of installations globally. The company's flagship Ocularis IP security and surveillance platform delivers open architecture, scalability and process automation at reduced operating costs. And with the addition of Ocularis Mobile, utilizing OnSSI's High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) to deliver full-motion playback of up to 16 HD megapixel cameras, at full frame-rate, OnSSI delivers the fastest and highest resolution mobile and web access video delivery solution available.