News | April 10, 2013

OnSSI's New Ocularis 3.6 Automates Alerts And Event Handling With Higher Intelligence


Relevant Event Information Delivered Automatically to the Right Individuals with Useful Tools

OnSSI continues to deliver enhancements to their flagship Ocularis surveillance and security platform. Introduced at this year’s ISC West show, the new Ocularis 3.6 provides an improved event handling workflow, along with new automation tools that free users from the need to monitor cameras continually.

“Notifying the right personnel of events in progress so they can take appropriate action is a critical issue for security management and first responders. Our new Ocularis 3.6 was developed specifically to automate the notification process with intelligent functionality,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “The advanced new features available with Ocularis 3.6 ensure that authorized personnel are informed wherever and whenever an event that is relevant to them occurs, along with a comprehensive toolset for handling and investigating events.”

The new Alert Manager utility allows users to customize the entire event handling workflow to best fit the way they receive, investigate and handle events. It provides full video coverage of incidents with multiple associated cameras to show not only the captured event, but also the situation at other locations, both current and at the time of the incident. Once an incident is detected, video from any camera can be sent instantly to any Command-and-Control Center video wall screen, within the organization or even at the local police precinct.

What’s more, Event Handling in version 3.6 now enables triggering a host of automated actions, for example turning on perimeter lights, pushing video alerts to security vehicles, sending an email to all security officers, and even moving individual PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras to cover all entry points to the facility.

Adding value and convenience, Ocularis 3.6 also greatly simplifies and expedites hardware upgrades and migrations, with minimal to no downtime, through instant activation and deactivation of Ocularis Base installations.

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