OKI Printing Solutions - Meet The MPS Experts

Jim Fitzpatrick | Operations
Manager, Managed Print Services Operations, OKI Data Americas
President of the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA)

Mr. Fitzpatrick has spent 27 years in the IT and Print Industry being exclusively dedicated in the MPS Industry within the past 7 years. During his 20 years with Oki Data Americas, Jim has received a record of 8 Management Achievement award, with his most notable honor being the CEO "Eagle Award" received due to his invention and concept of the first and only known "Analytical Engine" for Managed Print Services, which tests Printed Document Fleets across 56 key industry-best practices areas.

Tim O'Shea | Business Development
Director, MPS Business Development, OKI Data Americas

Responsible for customer and partner development for the company's Managed Print Services business. In this role, Mr. O'Shea is actively engaged in all aspects of opportunity identification, qualification and successful implementation of solutions under Total Managed PrintTM from OKI Printing Solutions.

Tim Brien | Sales
Director, MPS Sales, OKI Data Americas

Responsible for building the U.S. MPS sales organization and expanding the company's Total Managed Print™ business. Additionally, Mr. Brien will lead the growth and development of a dedicated sales organization across the U.S. Commercial, Channel and Public Sectors. He has directed numerous dealerships to successful Enterprise print management implementations and was responsible for creating back-end procedures for the company's go-to market MPS strategy in the BTA dealer and VAR channels.