Brochure | December 2, 2009

Brochure: Ocarina Optimizer for BlueArc

Source: BlueArc Corporation

Storage growth is exploding – and the capital and operational expenses of buying and managing terabytes or petabytes of storage are becoming an increasing challenge for businesses of all sizes. Most of the data growth is in file data – email, photos, web pages, and office documents – that needs to remain online and accessible, even if those files are accessed infrequently, if ever. Although the cost of disk storage continues to fall, the increased operational costs for power, cooling, and storage management grow as more capacity for online data archives is installed. Implementing an automated data optimization solution that reduces the total storage footprint for online data archives is essential to containing the explosion of storage costs and operational overhead.

BlueArc Intelligent Tiered Storage with Ocarina 3400 for BlueArc is a fully integrated storage solution to reduce the cost of storing online data archives on your BlueArc Titan Network Storage System. With intelligent tiered storage, BlueArc delivers a seamless solution to manage and migrate data between high performance storage tiers and capacity optimized storage, resulting in immediate and tangible cost savings and a reduced storage footprint in the data center.

Powerful Data Management, Transparent to End Users
BlueArc Intelligent Tiered Storage includes a rules-based policy engine to manage the data migration process to and from the Ocarina 3400 for BlueArc appliance. Administrators configure data management policies based on a set of rules, parameters, and triggers. Using these policies, BlueArc automatically migrates files to the appropriate storage tier each day, each week, or even on demand, providing the flexibility that storage administrators need to manage their data. Files that are no longer actively in use can be moved off of the primary, high performance storage tier onto a capacity optimized storage tier, recovering valuable storage capacity on the primary filesystem. End users are completely unaffected; they will continue to browse directories and files names on the primary file system, unaware that the underlying file data has been moved.

Content-Aware Compression and Deduplication for Online Archive Storage
The Ocarina 3400 for BlueArc, a patented content-aware storage optimization solution, uses file-type specific compression and deduplication algorithms to reduce the amount of space on disk those files consume. The Ocarina 3400 can reduce the size of many types of data that normal compression and standard deduplication solutions cannot, including already compressed files such as graphics, photos, Microsoft® Office 2007 documents, and PDF files. In a typical customer file mix, the Ocarina 3400 can achieve a 5:1 reduction in storage consumption, resulting in an 80% savings in storage costs.