Case Study

Objectworld Customer Case Study: Norwood School

Norwood School is an independent, co-educational school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Norwood prides itself on its commitment to enhance learning by using technology and advanced communications with its students, faculty and parents. Objectworld UC Server is changing the way Norwood faculty, students and even parents are communicating with each other.

The Challenge
The dynamic in today's schools, including Norwood, can be described as a fast paced and rapidly changing environment that requires multiple levels of communications to keep in touch. For example, different scenarios may require administrative staff and faculty to be off-site and access messages remotely utilizing Blackberry's, PDA's or other smart phones as a communication source. Meanwhile, various school events and activities rely more heavily on automated systems as a way to inform parents of essential information and key dates.