Magazine Article | June 17, 2013

Not All POS Software Is Created Equal: Value And ROI Are Key To Closing The Sale

By Maitre’D by Posera

A complete, feature-rich and highly customizable POS that meets specific needs will take the conversation beyond the price tag.

The ROI Premise
Here’s a simple fact about any IT purchase — one you probably already know: it’s all about money. Either making it or saving it. There’s no other reason a business of any kind implements technology of any kind.

Whether it’s virtualizing servers, integrating supply chains, creating mobile order entry ... or implementing a restaurant POS. “Save It Or Make It” is the business mantra beneath IT. It’s likely that saving and making money is on your client’s mind as you think through a POS implementation.

If it’s not, it should be.

  1. Restaurant POS makes money — through better customer experiences, innovative marketing, providing wait staff with better sales tools, and more.
  2. Restaurant POS reduces costs — through real-time cost monitoring, operational efficiencies, optimized resources, centralized data, and more.

Each POS function — the core system, the add-ons, and the third party offerings — must be evaluated not by how interesting, or trendy, or technologically superior it is, but by where it falls in the make-or-save calculus of their business. Sometimes it’s easy — knowing how many bump boxes to order for instance. Sometimes, it’s not so easy. A marketing program sounds like a great idea, but after all costs are calculated and forecasted, it might just cost too much and bring in too little.

The Make/Save focus brings with it a danger. Building a POS system that saves money and makes money can also be the primary reason why the POS ultimately fails to deliver on its ROI. They’re the right objectives, but restaurant owners, time and again, look to accomplish them in the wrong ways. They cut the wrong corners, license the wrong modules, establish the wrong protections — all in the name of saving money or making money.

What Differentiates Maitre’D POS and Restaurant Management Solutions?
Maitre’D POS offers one of the most feature-rich and customizable solutions for the hospitality industry. Our all-in-one solution includes POS, comprehensive back office and reporting, and enterprise solutions. We also develop our own kitchen video display system, and we’re launching a new mobile application this summer.

Maitre’D POS is highly customizable to meet the needs of any type of foodservice concept, so you have the ability to turn on only the features that your customer needs and wants, and offer a POS system that is fully tailored to their operations. Moreover, Maitre’D works on virtually ANY hardware.

Why Partner with Maitre’D?
Maitre’D is looking to expand its worldwide channel partner network with VARs that have expertise in the foodservice industry, POS system implementation, and technical support services. We are looking for VARs who are truly interested in helping hospitality businesses make better technology decisions, and in providing sound consultation throughout their research and buying process.

VARs who partner with Maitre’D by Posera benefit from:

  • Reliable POS system technology that is simple to install, upgrade, and maintain
  • Ease of integration and interfacing with third party systems
  • First-rate opportunities to add value with professional services
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Custom modification services
  • Channel partner sales and implementation training

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