Case Study

Case Study: North Shore Credit Union - An Opportunity For Growth Through Technology Change

To continue taking advantage of growth opportunities and delivering exceptional customer service offerings, NSCU needed to break down its operational silos and migrate to a modern, functionalityrich, operating environment that fully integrated with other corporate-wide systems. NSCU chose to move away from a completely outsourced model, and become the first financial institution in Canada to adopt TEMENOS T24, a new world-leading banking system engineered by TEMENOS.

With this business decision, North Shore Credit Union's Information Technology Solutions team inherited a level of responsibility it never had before. While NSCU had established partnerships with HP to manage the payment network and data center, Threshold Financial Services to maintain its switch technology, and TEMENOS to ensure the reliability of the TEMENOS T24 core banking system, the financial institution was still responsible for the seamless functionality and compatibility of all these components. The Information Technology Solutions team would need to guarantee a risk-free migration to the new banking platform, provide ongoing management of the entire ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and POS (Point of Sale) payment transaction channels, and ensure NSCU compliance with all regulatory requirements.