Article | May 28, 2013

New York Times Story On Data Centers Could Be Boom For Schneider Electric Partner

Source: APC by Schneider Electric
APC by Schneider Electric

By Himanshu Patel, APC by Schneider Electric

The New York Times may have done Schneider Electric partners a great favor.

The Times printed a rather scathing story a couple of weeks ago about how much power data centers use. Actually, the story attempted to paint much of the power use as waste.

Now we all know data centers use lots of power but the Times story pretty much ignored most of the latest advances in data center energy conservation that are doing wonders to tame the beast. I say “pretty much” because there is one big exception.

Front and center in the NYT piece is Viridity Software. Hopefully you recognize that name because last December Schneider Electric acquired the Viridity EnergyCenter 2.0 platform. The platform helps customers measure the energy consumption of individual devices. Perhaps most importantly, it tracks server utilization and maps that to energy usage and cost. In short, the software enables companies to identify servers that are using energy but not doing any meaningful work.

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