News | April 19, 2010

New Minuteman PRO-RT Series UPS Serves As ‘Electrical Firewall'


Para Systems, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive power protection solutions, recently announced the release of the Minuteman PRO-RT series, a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) designed to provide fail-safe protection from all power anomalies for small to medium-sized telephone, security and server systems.

The PRO-RT UPSs are the newest addition to the PRO-E Series, Minuteman's most successful and widely used product line with more than 400,000 units sold to date. Aimed at the small to medium-sized business market, the PRO-RT product line currently includes the PRO1000RT (1000VA) and PRO1500RT (1500VA).

Power problems can wreak havoc for both business owners and consumers. Even minor power glitches that may go unnoticed can cause data corruption and severe damage to valuable electronic equipment. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) serves as an "electrical firewall", preventing catastrophic damage from blackouts, brownouts, surges and spikes. When damage to expensive equipment does occur from these types of anomalies, it is generally not covered under a manufacturer's warranty. A UPS is an essential component for protecting any type of mission critical electronic equipment.

"When business owners and managers purchase expensive security, telephone or networking systems and do not protect them from potential damage or power outages, these devices are obviously at high risk," stated Bill Allen, Director of Marketing. "When you compare the price tag associated with downtime, along with the expense of replacing equipment, the PRO-RT's are an extremely cost-effective way to preserve and protect these investments."

In addition to protecting attached equipment from catastrophic surges and spikes, the PRO-RT's feature automatic voltage regulation to protect during brownouts. They are also equipped with more battery power during blackouts, providing longer run-times than competitive units.

This flexible product can be rack-mounted or floor-mounted, and an optional wall-mount bracket is available. An LCD display that shows power status, battery run-time (based on attached load), and operational mode is also a standard feature. As an additional bonus, Minuteman's SentryPlus power monitoring and management software is included free with all models. Communication between the UPS and attached equipment is accomplished through the unit's USB or RS-232 port. These new products also have an optional SNMP card slot. The PRO-RT's efficiency rating of 90% is also the highest in this class of product.

Users can also benefit from the PRO-RT's green features. The voltage regulation circuitry is automatically bypassed until needed, reducing vampire power consumption. Other power-saving features can be tapped into by using Minuteman's SentryPlus software to schedule automatic shut down and re-start of equipment during nights and weekends when many devices sit idle yet continue to consume energy resources. The units are also RoHS compliant and Para Systems offers a free battery recycling service for all Minuteman UPSs.

"The Minuteman PRO-RT's raise the bar by offering a feature-rich rack-mount product at an affordable price. When you combine the extensive features, longer battery run-time, 3-year warranty, and flexible mounting options, the PRO-RT's do represent an excellent value," added Mr. Allen.

Both models are currently available for purchase through Minuteman's extensive distribution network, systems integrators and on-line resellers. For more information, visit

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Para Systems, Inc., based in Carrollton, TX, is a leading provider of power technologies. The company's Minuteman brand of comprehensive power protection solutions range from small to large-scale uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products to a full line of unique surge suppressors, power distribution units, and remote power management systems. Minuteman products protect telephone/VOIP systems, personal computers, network servers and infrastructure peripherals, security systems, and industrial applications. The Minuteman brand of products is sold through a large network of distributors and resellers. Para Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, headquartered in Dallas, TX, whose roots date back to 1916. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Para Systems, Inc.