News | November 11, 2009

New LineGuard Surge Suppressors Protect Vulnerable Data Lines

Para Systems, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive power protection solutions, today announced the release of a new line of data line surge suppressors designed to protect equipment from being damaged by electrical surges or spikes. The new Minuteman LineGuard™ products are intended to protect analog and digital surveillance cameras, DVRs, plus other network peripherals, including devices using Power Over Ethernet (POE).

Minuteman's LineGuard products incorporate solid-state surge protection technology with a response time of two to five nanoseconds, clamping the surge to ground and automatically resetting itself after a low-voltage surge occurs. If a catastrophic surge such as lightning does hit a data line, the LineGuard product provides fail-safe protection, sometimes sacrificing itself to prevent damage to the more expensive devices it was designed to defend.

Electrical transients can cause equipment to malfunction and can even have a catastrophic effect, inflicting severe damage to expensive devices, some of which may be mission critical. These electrical disturbances can enter into a network system through data lines that create a "back door" entrance to equipment. Normally, these electrical lines transmit data via very low voltage signals between devices, and by their very nature, data cables can have a direct route into equipment when higher voltage transients find their way onto data lines. Such damaging transients include electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference, and the most devastating of them all, lightning. When damage to expensive equipment does occur from these types of anomalies, it is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty.

"Our new LineGuard series represents an excellent value, with all units priced at $119 or less," stated Bill Allen, director of marketing for Para Systems. "When someone purchases expensive security cameras, DVRs or other networking equipment and does not protect them from potential damage, these mission critical devices are obviously at high risk. When you compare the cost of downtime and equipment replacement expenses, these surge suppressors are an excellent investment."

In most applications, it is recommended that both ends of the data line be protected with a LineGuard device to insure maximum defense against potentially damaging surges. The seven LineGuard models include protection for PTZ cameras (using BNC connectors or UTP terminal blocks), analog cameras (using UTP to BNC connectors with built-in balun), CAT5 LAN (RJ-45 connectors), CAT5 Power Over Ethernet (RJ-45 connectors), CAT6 LAN (punch-down block connectors), and CAT6 Power Over Ethernet (punch-down block connectors).

Minuteman's LineGuard products are UL listed and designed for fast, simple installation. All models are covered under Minuteman's limited lifetime warranty, along with a $10,000 attached equipment protection plan. Further information can be found at, and all LineGuard products are currently available for purchase through Minuteman's distribution and reseller network.

About Para Systems, Inc.
Para Systems, Inc., based in Carrollton, TX, is a leading provider of power technologies. The company's Minuteman brand of comprehensive power protection solutions range from small to large-scale uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products to a full line of unique surge suppressors, power distribution units, and remote power management systems. Minuteman products protect telephone/VOIP systems, personal computers, network servers and infrastructure peripherals, security systems, and industrial applications. The Minuteman brand of products is sold through a large network of distributors and resellers. Para Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Components Corporation of America, headquartered in Dallas, TX, whose roots date back to 1916. For more information, visit