News | April 19, 2016

New iPhone App Enables Mid-Sized Enterprises To Detect And Respond To Network Exploits And Security Hygiene Issues From Anywhere

NetWatcher app provides access to critical issues that could be impacting business continuity

NetWatcher, a leading network monitoring and cyber threat detection platform, launched an iPhone App to provide its growing customer base with direct access to their NetWatcher dashboard to monitor cybersecurity threats in real-time.

The app provides businesses with a snapshot of their overall network security, allowing them to access their user portal on-the-go. The app also features an overview of the user’s NetWatcher Score, which shows real-time vulnerability levels and how susceptible their company is to an attack. Based on the score the app recommends if action needs to be taken to secure the network and enables companies to resolve issues before a breach even occurs.

“IT and network security is on the to-do list of organizations of all sizes,” said Scott Suhy, CEO of NetWatcher.“Our goal is to remove that from their to-do list so they can focus on running their business. Based on extensive conversations with our growing customer base, they need cyber protection that is easy to manage, accurate, and affordable.”

In addition to their NetWatcher score, customers can view the total number of security alerts, graded on severity, and take a closer look at individual threats. Each alert gives relevant IP information, as well as a description of the threat and possible explanation for its appearance. Users can then take appropriate measures on their network to eliminate threats and shore up their security measures to prevent future intrusions of a similar nature.

The app was designed and developed in partnership with Apollo Matrix of Washington, D.C.

The NetWatcher app is available to iOS users through the Apple App Store.

About NetWatcher
The NetWatcher Security-as-a-Service platform enables Managed Security Providers (MSPs) to sell cost-effective 24 x 7 security services to their customers. Many government and industry compliance requirements, and security best practices, outline the need for continuous monitoring, intrusion detection, active scanning, netflow analysis, event management and end point integration. NetWatcher enables an MSP to immediately deploy these services to their customers and take advantage of our fully-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). This means superior protection with no capital outlay, resource commitments, or additional headcount. For more information, visit

Source: NetWatcher