News | March 27, 2012

New ID Scanner With Customer Relationship Management Software


Tokenworks' new ID Scanner offers a streamlined design with a larger touch screen and provides new tools for managing customer relationships

Bronxville, New York (PRWEB) Tokenworks®' new IDVisor® 310™ ID Scanner is its latest hardware platform for its industry-leading identity verification and ID scanning software. Building upon Tokenworks' industry-leading IDVisor ID scanning platform and the customer relationship management (CRM) features introduced in the IDVisor Touch™, the new IDVisor 310 offers a significantly smaller form factor with a larger touch screen.

This new ID Scanner provides a refined hardware platform for Tokenworks' CRM software with integrated age calculation for alcohol and/or tobacco sales. In addition to scanning barcode and magnetic stripe licenses from all 50 US States, additional customer information can be entered directly into the device using fingers on the large touch screen - no stylus or input devices required. The IDVisor 310 offers a visit counter for each customer, a scan counter with auto-increment and on-screen adjustment for venue capacity, email and phone capture. It also provides advanced tagging functions for tracking customers including custom tags, tag expiration dates and tag notes.

IDVisor 310 Hardware
The IDVisor 310 is a handheld ID Scanner. It uses the same drivers license scanning technology used in Tokenworks' IDVisor Touch, Z22 Mobile and Z22 Countertop ID Scanners. Like the IDVisor Touch, the 310 has a unique Easy finger-on-screen keyboard that obviates a stylus for operation.

The ID Checker reads drivers' licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states, including Georgia (from November 2009 onward). It also reads Canadian drivers' licenses (including Quebec since February 2009) and US military IDs. It uses the same barcode scanner and swipe magnetic stripe reader currently being deployed in US police cruisers. The scans are fast and accurate, and do not have any of the drawbacks associated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based ID scanning technology.

The IDVisor 310 runs on battery power or off a wall charger. Built-in rechargeable and swappable Li-Ion batteries charge quickly and offer a full night of scans. Simply plug it in to charge, and use without worries. Batteries may also be easily swapped for multi-shift venues like casinos that need continuous ID scanner protection.

Integrated CRM Features: Profiles, Custom Tagging and Search

The IDVisor 310 uses the groundbreaking integrated CRM software introduced in the Tokenworks IDVisor Touch in 2011. This new breed of ID scanning technology binds together the 100% accuracy of machine-read scan data with custom user input. This allows the operator to confidently verify a customer's age and also store critical customer information like email, phone, patronage and VIP status.

The unique tagging features on the IDVisor 310 allow for complete customer relationship management. Custom tags allow the operator to predefine the metrics that are important to their business, and to quickly classify customers while their age is being verified. Bars and nightclubs often use VIP tags to give special treatment to regular customers or Banned tags to keep out troublemakers. Liquor stores often use custom tags to collect demographic information to improve marketing and sales tactics. Casinos regularly use custom tags to manage membership and rewards programs for frequent customers. Many businesses simply use the tags to build a robust email-marketing list of current customers. All tags and data can be searched directly on the ID scanner using simple text queries, or can be exported to a computer.


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