Guest Column | October 24, 2013

3 New Applications For Mobility In Schools

By Derek Gerber, Senior Account Executive,  Tallega Software 

Every year, higher education and other schools deal with ongoing problems between the IT team, the admissions office, and the human resources department.  IT teams constantly are asked to provide advanced document management solutions and to ease the paper burdens of the admissions office and human resources department, all while under a severely restricted budget. 

A few years ago, mobile data capture technology was immature, unproven, and unreliable.  However, times have changed, and VARs and MSPs have the opportunity to show schools how to start taking advantage of the automation, timesaving, and money-saving benefits of integrating mobility into their existing backend systems.

Here are 3 new document management applications for mobility in schools:

  1. Mobile Student Enrollment Application Process
    The current processes for college enrollment are extremely limited to paper and clunky, online admission forms for students. High school students who attend college booths on campus will only keep the school’s name in mind.  Hopefully, they will not go home and throw that brochure away, once they forget about the conversation. What if your customer could start an enrollment application— right from the school’s booth — on any mobile smartphone or tablet?  With mobility technology, you can help your customer facilitate a way to start the student application process immediately. Once they start the mobile application process from their device, the new student applicant will be notified immediately of the documents they need to provide via email.  They can also be provided an online portal to share those documents and everyone stays updated during the entire application process.


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