NetPRO® Mobile Solution Suite Of Cash Drawers

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC

NetPRO® Ethernet Interface For Cash Drawers

Connect your iPad or Mobile Device to APG’s NetPRO® Family of Cash Drawers: Wireless Ethernet, Wired, and WebSockets.

APG’s NetPRO® interface will be a compelling aspect of your m-POS application. Available with Ethernet, wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth, this cash drawer communicates with retailer’s mobile POS devices for cash drawer control. Concerned about security in today’s mobile world? NetPRO® cash drawers offer Biometric and bar-code claiming for local protection. Worried about keeping an eye on the checkout?

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NetPRO® cash drawers collect the transaction data, supplying the information necessary to identify security issues and to validate cashier training.

Concerned about unauthorized or unusual drawer openings? NetPRO® cash drawer access alert features can activate security cameras, time and date stamp security video recordings, and broadcast alert messages to a store manager’s mobile devices.

Wired Ethernet Cash Drawers currently available.

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(Note: Your POS software must be designed to work with APG’s NetPRO interface.  Please contact APG for further information or to inquire about a Developer’s Kit.)

Mobile and Thin Transactions

  • Includes drawer status reporting
  • Handheld devices connect to the drawer through the network
  • Bar code label for ‘claiming’ the networked drawer. This establishes the connection between the specific mobile device and the drawer
  • Thin client doesn’t require another device to connect the drawer to the system such as a printer or full function PC

Asset Management

  • Cash Drawer usage statistics stored in non volatile memory
  • Battery back-up for an estimated 10 year life
  • On-board statistics help optimize useful life of each of the drawers
  • Device name and service data can be written to the device header
  • Remote access to the drawer data helps established maintenance schedule
  • Reporting possible on the above features
  • Remote tech support

Loss Prevention

  • Logging of cash drawer access events
  • Date/time stamp of openings
  • Ability to talk to any other Ethernet device
  • Turn on security cameras
  • Send alerts to the store manager
  • Historical Cash Drawer access event log stored in the interface non volatile memory
  • Allows for comparing of drawer operation stats with POS information
  • Drawer open alarm option can be programmed to allow the drawer to beep if the drawer is open too long or opened by a key or …

NetPRO® Interface 470, 480, 488, and 490 Features Chart

NetPro Interface 470, 480, 488, and 490 Features Chart

Watch the NetPRO® Ethernet Interface Demo Video


Ethernet Network in a Retail Environment Diagram

Ethernet Network in a Retail Environment Diagram

NetPRO® is a trademark of APG Cash Drawer, LLC

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